Valencia Tattoo Convention brings tattooists from around the world to Feria Valencia

Feria Valencia will host the 15th, 16th and 17th of June the 18th Valencia Tattoo Convention, a new edition featuring tattoo artists from around all the world. In particular, the assistance of professionals from 24 countries is confirmed: Spain, China, Taiwan, Japan, Polynesia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Andorra, Portugal and France will be perfect hosts.

In this call, 4,000 square meters will be allocated to the tattoo art, whose professionals will create during three days authentic skin art works and will try to get some of the awards in the competition. But in addition, the event will feature performances, shows, live music, contests, body painting and dance, among other activities.

On Saturday, 16th of June, from 20:00 hours we will have live music “Scorcia & his Big Band Boom”, with a carefully selected repertoire of hour and a half, including classic covers like Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin, as well as parts of the more epic rock and roll rockers like Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Vince Taylor, what characterizes this Big Band as the only one in Spain of this style.


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