Economic impact

Fira València indueix una facturació anual de 1.201,9 milions d'euros en la Comunitat Valenciana

The activity of the institution generates 0.5% of GDP and supports 0.6% of employment in the Community, according to a study by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research presented today

The activity of Feria Valencia induces an annual turnover in the Valencian Community of 1,201.9 million euros, according to the study carried out by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research and that measures this impact in the exclusive area of ​​the Valencian Community. The document prepared by the IVIE explains that this billing has an impact on the Gross Domestic Product of the autonomy of 514.9 million, which is equivalent to 0.5% of the GDP of the Valencian Community. Likewise, the fair activity supports 11,143 jobs, or what is the same, 0.6% of the occupation of the Region.

The 1,201.9 million in turnover originate from four sources. On the one hand, the activity of Feria Valencia itself, which had an impact of 40.4 million. Visitor spending amounts to 58.9 million; that of exhibitors, 71.9 million and, finally, the business induced by exhibitors to attend the fair represents a total of 1,030.7 million euros.

To the question of who invoices these 1,201.9 million, the IVIE responds: The service sector, 771.2 million; the manufacturer, 198.8 million; that of energy, 154.2 million and the rest of the sectors, 76.8 million.

With respect to the 514.9 million impact on GDP and the 11,143 jobs, its sources are: Fair expenses, which represent 18.9 million and 497 jobs; visitor spending, 15 million and 620 jobs; the expense of the exhibitors; 41.4 million and 794 jobs and the business generated for Valencian exhibitors, 439.6 million euros and 9,232 jobs.

The weight of the induced business is fundamental, according to the study data. Not surprisingly, Feria Valencia exhibitors attribute 7.5% of their total annual turnover to their presence at the fair.

Finally, the IVIE study concludes that for every euro allocated to the operation of Feria Valencia, 23.9 euros are generated in sales and 10.2 euros in GDP. And that every million euros for the operation of the fair supports 221 jobs.

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