MEJIDE 1The famous marketing creator Risto Mejide opened the Conferences Programme during the International Franchising Fair – SIF 2013. In a room full of people, Mejide talked about hist “7+1 advices, or shortcuts, of how to create a brand”. Modesty, honesty, caring, wit, creativity or as he prefers to call it, “opportunism”, polarize and have a good cause are the shortcuts that has been given by the advertising creative to entrepreneurs and young people who have attended the presentation. Mejide finished urging “working in a company or search for a franchise that society wants it there” and has pointed out that “in times of conflict, like that we are living, there are many opportunities”. SIF, International Franchising show, closed its twenty-fourth edition with a high degree of satisfaction. The event – held from 17th to 19th October – showed the offer of 278 commercial signs offered many business opportunities for the thousands of visitors who came to visit the fair.

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