Feria Valencia will renovate to be at the height of a name: Queen, the British band pioneer in converting every concert into a real show.

The fairgrounds have been chosen to host in Valencia one of the stops of the Spanish tour of “God Save The Queen”, considered by the prestigious magazine Rolling Stone as “the best tribute band in the world”.

The previous Tour in 2013 was a total success of public and critiques, the show was seen in eight Spanish cities by more than 40,000 spectators. With more than three million spectators all over the world, “God Save The Queen” returns this time with the world tour “The Show Must Go On”.

Las características de sus instalaciones, versátiles y de gran capacidad, y el know how del recinto en este tipo de eventos han sido claves para la elección de Feria Valencia. El concierto, que forma parte del Tour 2014 y es el único en la Comunidad Valenciana, tendrá lugar el sábado 25 de octubre a las 22 horas. Durante más de dos horas, el grupo repasará los grandes éxitos de la banda de Mercury.

The characteristics of its facilities, versatile and large capacity, together with the venue’s know-how in hosting such events have been key point in choosing Feria Valencia. The concert, which is part of the 2014 Tour “The Show Must Go On”, will take place on Saturday, October 25th at 10 pm. For more than two hours, the group will review the greatest hits of Mercury’s band.


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