Valencia, 17th of April 2013

Growmed 2013 showcases the latest medical uses of cannabis

Doctors, Lawyers and recognised international experts will meet in Feria Valencia from 19th to 21st of April

Medical cannabis show, Growmed 2013 hosts a full program of conferences and debates on different therapeutic uses of this plant. Three days renowned national and international experts will present the latest studies and initiatives about cannabis being developed around the world to treat different diseases.

From 19th to 21st of April GrowMed celebrates its second edition in Feria Valencia with the offer of more than 130 exhibitors producers of seeds, substrates, fertilizers, plant protection, equipment for lighting, humidification, shops or growshops, associations, clubs and businesses in the auxiliary industry that surrounds the cannabis plant.

Different seeds for different symptoms

For the first time presents a medical study with different varieties, which the user can be found in the cannabis seed market to combat different symptoms such as insomnia, lack of appetite or nausea. BESFES, Best Best Specimen For Each Symptom, study will be presented by Dr. José Pedraza, Member of the Spanish society of cannabinoid research (SEIC) and coordinator of the medical lectures of the fair, which will focus on the Medical Arena.

General Practitioner and specialist in addictive disorders Fernando Caudevilla will present at the fair a study conducted jointly with the psychologist José Carlos Bouso over uses for cannabis, Use Responsibly. This optional has recently carried out a medical Protocol of cannabis along with the Valencian Association La Flora.

Professor and Doctor in Biology Guillermo Velasco will talk about the anti-cancer properties of cannabis . The use of active ingredients of marijuana to alleviate the side effects of antitumor treatments  has alreadybeen approved in some drugs. However, studies that seek to proove the reduction of the growth of certain tumors, such as – most frequent brain tumor–glioma, breast, pancreas, prostate cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma through the use of cannabinoids and still at the experimental stage in recent years, are still controversial.

Doctor and researcher Ester Aso will talk to the Member of the Board of Directors of the SEIC and the editorial board of the Magazine Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease about the  neuroprotective properties and repairing brain damage of cannabis to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Doctor José Marrollo will develop the  view of therapies with cannabis worldwide in different health systems.

International references will participate in Growmed

Experiences and testimonies from other countries include the presence of the  American renowned doctor and researcher  Paul Hornby, global authority on the matter, or the Conference of the main israeli company, Tikun Olam, cultivate and provide marijuana to the sick of Israel medical cannabis program. Tne programme also includes the two papers that Jorge Cervantes – pseudonym by Van Patten – will offer repesenting one of the experts of greater international recognition that will explain the medicinal crop in California.

Grow Med 2013 will offer speakers as David Ripper on extraction of cannabis to consume it sublingual or through vaporization or Big Mike on self-cultivation.

The show also will have an information table on the medicinal use of cannabis attended by the physician and surgeon Mariano García of Palau and a table of legal advice to users, growers, and clubs attended by the lawyers Héctor Brotons and Joan Bertomeu.

Growmed is the  reference trade show in Europe in terms of fair therapeutic cannabis and self-cultivation, by its resolute commitment to the medical aspect of this plant and the participation in the event of a large number of doctors and researchers in the pharmacological applications of hemp.

These and other speakers are waiting for you at Growmed. The Conference program is available at:

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