From Sunday Valencia will become the center of the International Geoscience

From the 22nd to the 27th of July 2018 the 38th International Symposium on geoscience and remote sensing (IGARSS) will be held at Feria Valencia. Around 2,400 scientists of geoscience and remote sensing from 65 countries will present their latest achievements, ongoing activities and plans for future research in techniques and developments of Earth observation. IGARSS 2018 will also host a great display in which the space agencies, industry, and other companies will show their latest developments.

IGARSS 2018 theme edition is “Observing, understanding and predicting our planet dynamics”. With the emergence of new satellite technologies, knowledge and understanding of the processes of our planet increase, as well as also our ability to monitor climate change in the Earth.

The Earth observation has become a mature technique with increasingly operational tools. Therefore, we are moving towards systematic and continuous global coverage of the land of the most relevant processes in land, oceans and atmosphere. The understanding of the processes and dynamics of our planet now allows to model these processes with greater realism and precision, to be able to estimate future trends.

After the editions of IGARSS in Beijing (China) and Texas (United States), and the next editions in Yokohama and Hawaii, this year’s Edition in Valencia offers the opportunity to highlight Earth observation activities underway in Europe. Europe has become a key player with the Copernicus program, Sentinel missions and related activities. In the opening plenary session, they highlight presentations of the European Space Agency, the European Commission, Eumetsat and national representatives, providing a complete overview of the current activities of Earth observation in Europe.

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