BATTLEFIELD 4A war scenario: the perfect battle scene for the latest videogame of Battlefield series. The Convention & Exhibition Centre of Feria Valencia was chosen to shoot their latest spot, which had Imanol Arias as a main actor. A comfortable setting,, versatile facilities, an open space that can host any kind of scenario and its concrete walls, were the key factors to making this a great set for the spot.

It is the original spot of Battlefield 4, the acclaimed FPS game. The two-minute spot, shows a player from the moment he wakes-up until he arrives to the battlefield, the playing zone where other players are waiting to enter the war experience under the command of their tough superior Imanol Arias – the popular actor of the Spanish series “Cuéntame”.

This is the principal, funny, original and impressive scene that was filmed entirely in the Feria Valencia Convention & Exhibition Centre facilities. Certainly, more than 20 million players Battlefield around the world have enjoyed the spot. If you still have not seen it click here


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