At Feria Valencia we have been years celebrating Expocanina. Our Dogs show. Our facilities are perfectly suited to this type of exhibitions in which you can visit not only product stands related to the canine world but also spaces dedicated to competitions and exhibitions. Having so much open space it can be perfectly adapted to create ring areas, weighing and waiting areas, each one of them in their own space.

As a peculiarity, due to security reasons, dogs can not go up the escalators, so we have to use lifts and external stone stairs to be able to access the pavilion. Having different accesses we then have no problem with dog entrance times. Also another good thing about our site is that we tailor us according to the event characteristics, by very rare that they are.

As dogs that come to the competitions must have some special care, we use the adjoining Pavilion as a parking area, to facilitate access to their owners and the competing dogs.

What else can you ask for? We will make it !

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