The ecogastronomic avantguard in Biocultura Valencia. Ecochefs. Music. Eco-foodtrucks


Ecogastronomic showcooking, the first time in BioCultura Valencia.Three-days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10 uninterrupted hours per day of gastronomic workshops, product presentations, wine tastings, food tastings, etc. And, moreover, in the opened space, foodtrucks and live music to celebrate the organic food party.

The show cooking has become one of the strong points of BioCultura, both in Madrid and Barcelona and other cities where the fair is held. This is so because, according to Angeles Parra, BioCultura´s Director, “people love to attend kitchen shows, tasting workshops, learn new ways of cooking, recipes, new products and producers that are behind them…” In fact, organic cuisine is much more creative and dynamic than the conventional one. Due to BioCultura soy desserts, vegetable milks, algae or quinoa, to give just a few examples, are now in the tables of homes and restaurants everywhere. It is here where the avant-garde trends are born and that, with the pass of the years, are in all kitchens”.

NEW OUTDOOR ECOFOODTRUCKS AREA with ecologic pizzas, ecologic home made pasta, km0 food and live music all day long.

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