More than five hundred exhibitors and 87% of visitors support FIMMA – Maderalia 2022 taking place imminently

Set to take place from 29th March to 1st April, the fair has 512 companies and brands signed up to take part, including 396 direct exhibitors from 19 countries.

A survey of the FIMMA – Maderalia database reveals that 87% of professionals surveyed will be visiting the biennial fair being held at feria Valencia in March and that their “intention is to look for new suppliers”.

Valencia, 8th February 2022.- FIMMA – Maderalia confirms high hopes have come true. With a little under two months to go before it opens, the organisers of specialist biennial fair for materials and technology for the wood and furniture-making industry have confirmed the showcase will comprise 356 direct exhibitors, with 512 companies or brands represented, as can be seen on the event’s official website.

These impressive numbers will translate into an exhibition covering more than 50,000 square metres of Feria Valencia. FIMMA – Maderalia is set to be the first major fair for the industry to take place in Europe this year following the leading European fairs – mostly German – progressively cancelling or delaying their events at the beginning of the year.

It should also be borne in mind that the last edition of FIMMA – Maderalia was four years ago (2018) and that, post-pandemic, the industry is very much looking forward to this edition.

FIMMA – Maderalia has as a result strengthened its marketing over the last few weeks, the aim being to offer the best possible showcase to a sector that received a boost during the two years of the pandemic from the boom in renovation and refurbishment. Feria Valencia carried out a survey over the last three weeks, through its own databases of industry professionals, to gain a first-hand insight into their concerns and create the best possible fair.

The results have strengthened FIMMA – Maderalia’s positioning and highlighted the “need” for an event like Feria Valencia’s biennial exhibition. The fair’s director, Miguel Bixquert, says that “We carried out a survey of more than 500 professionals and 87% of them said they have confirmed they will be visiting the fair. we also took the opportunity to enquire about thecurrent state of the industry and amongst the various motives for visiting FIMMA – Maderalia, almost all respondents highlighted having had problems with their usual suppliers over the last two years so now need to see what other options the market can offer them”.

This was with reference to furniture manufacturers, renovations contractors, carpentry firms, storage facilities, kitchen builders and flooring installers, who “in many cases worked non-stop throughout the pandemic and were not sufficiently acknowledged by their suppliers. Also, the restrictions on mobility over these last two years have revived the need to update content, catalogues and products. And the best forum for these operators to do so is FIMMA – Maderalia”.

In Bixquert’s opinion, “times are great for the sector. It has a huge amount of work but, at the same time, there are uncertainties such as rising costs, scarcity of raw materials and supply issues. We are aware of all this, and that is why this March we will be showcasing the most extensive and varied offering on the market”.

Free tickets from exhibitors

FIMMA – Maderalia is putting the finishing touches to a fair that, for the first time, is bringing its trade ticket register into line with the policies of the leading European trade fairs, meaning professionals will be able to obtain free tickets through the invitations that will be sent out by the exhibitors at this edition of FIMMA – Maderalia.

Tickets will also be available to purchase at the venue, priced at 20 € for one day and 40 € for the four days of the fair and may be purchased in advance through the FIMMA – Maderalia website at a 50% discount.

According to the fair’s director,“The move means we are bringing the fair into line with the European standard, which places a value on visiting fairs whilst seeking to avoid what many refer to as ‘aisle exhibitors’ who constitute unfair competition for genuine exhibitors – in this instance those that have invested in FIMMA – Maderalia 2022”.


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