FIMMA – Maderalia 2022 will be exploring the use of wood and new materials in contemporary architecture

The biennial materials and technology exhibition runs from 29th March to 1st April and its Events Programme includes ‘Architecture and New Materials Workshops’ that will feature content relating to the contract sector, design, architecture, wood and new materials.

This series of lectures will feature speakers from design and architecture consultancies, hotel chains and industrialised construction companies, as well as eminent architects such as Teresa Sapey and César Ruiz Larrea.

Valencia, 23rd February 2022.- With just a little over a month to go until FIMMA – Maderalia opens its doors, the show is putting the finishing touches to an edition that will once again be offering an ambitious programme of events and lectures. One of the highlights will be the appropriately named ‘1st Architecture and New Materials Workshops’, a series of lectures that will be delivered in the afternoons of 29th, 30th and 31st March at FIMMA – Maderalia (29th March – 1st April).

The workshops will look at the use of new materials in contemporary architecture and especially at how traditional materials like wood can be made to work in today’s designs. The sessions will also review the boom that industrialised construction is currently experiencing, precisely through the presence of wood and these new materials.

Industrialised dwellings and wood

The Workshops will be taking place in the afternoons of the first three days of FIMMA – Maderalia, starting at 4pm, in the noteworthy venue of the Conference Zone at the Tailor{H}otel on Level 3, Hall 2 at Feria Valencia. The sessions will kick off on Tuesday 29th March with a symposium dedicated to industrialisation with wood and its application to both residential homes and hotel and tourist complexes.

The speakers will include professionals from leading practitioners in this sector: Ángel Alfocea, from specialist modular homes construction company Wes; Unai Gorroño, from Egoin, which specializes in timber construction solutions; Paloma Gómez, of modular homes builder EcotechHouse; and Pere Linares, of specialist efficient timber homes builder HouseHabitat.

Also speaking at this first session will be Eduardo Guitérrez, of architects ON-A, currently in the spotlight as they have been commissioned to revamp Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium; and Rocío Pina, representative of the Beyome initiative, which explores new models for homes. 

Design and architecture in the contract sector

The second set of lectures in the series will take an in-depth look at the contract business and the important part that materials, systems and processes play in that sector. This time, the speakers will be leading architects and representatives of hotel chains including Pilar Rodríguez, of NH Hoteles and Iker Llano, of Intur Hoteles, along with Hilario Salvador, of hotel development projects specialist Indeco.

Completing the list of speakers on this second day of Workshops are designer Juan Rachal, of architecture and design practice Juanfri-Ranchal and high-profile Italian designer and architect now resident in Spain, Teresa Sapey, of consultancy Teresa Sapey + Partners.

Sustainability and functionality

The focus of the third and last session of this symposium, set to take place on the afternoon of Thursday 31st March, will be the relationship between industry and the environment as illustrated by the use of wood. Speaking on this topic will be Bruno Sauer, of the Council for Sustainable Construction in Spain; Pablo Narváez, of Certification Agency PEFC; Enrique Jiménez, of engineering design and construction company IC-10; Vicente Buyo of Modular Projects, builders of modular designer homes, and German sustainable flooring manufacturer Ter Hürne.

The icing on the cake of this third session will be the participation of architect César Ruiz Larrea, of RuizLarrea architects. His renowned environmentally sustainable housing developments have made Ruiz Larrea one of the most prominent figures in Spanish architecture and last year he was nominated for a Mies Van der Rohe prize for Carabanchel 34, a development of 25 ‘Passivhaus’ certified homes.


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