Fimma-Maderalia 2018 to showcase more sustainable materials and technologies

Valencia, 29h January 2018.- ‘Wireless’ mobile phone charging systems built in to furniture, wood that neither gets wet nor burns, anti-theft locks and 4.0 generation adapted machinery and technology…these are just some of the 1000-plus new products and innovations that will be on show from 6th to 9th February, devised by more than 750 international companies and brands set to gather at Feria Valencia at an historic edition of FIMMA – Maderalia.

The fact is that the celebrated biennial fair for materials, accessories, machinery and technology for the furniture, timber, carpentry, interior design and decorating sectors will not only be bringing the main players in the industry together but is also poised to be the great showcase for innovations and new products ever, marking the way forward for these sectors over the short to medium term.


Sustainable man-made materials that feel like wood

As regards materials, Maderalia is showing new developments such as the new Water-Resistant Reconstituted Wood (MRH/WRW), a fire-resistant plywood, unbreakable doors, natural materials reproduced by digital printing, armoured doors that protect against theft, noise and temperature changes and quick–to-install panels for use in refurbishment projects. Other stand-out products are large format slats for cork floors, anti-bumping and anti-pick lock cylinders and presence sensors built in to Led strip lights, amongst others.

All of the above mark a leap forward in interior design and refurbishment solutions, as do pieces of wood that hide elegant furniture, handles that dress doors and doors that dress homes, walls turned into pieces of furniture, and a wireless system for charging mobile phones built into the furniture itself.

The aim is to make wood fashionable again, where seeing, touching and smelling wood is key to a pleasant experience. New solutions in coatings are crucial if this aim is to be achieved and these will be on show at this upcoming edition of FIMMA-Maderalia. Including coatings that optimize the wood’s reaction to fire, the use of high sheen finishes in digital printing, customization of products by using decorative melamine tops, organic polyurethane wood varnishes, super scratch-resistant pigmented finishes, super-matt, non-marking and self-regenerating finishes, exterior flooring in “vintage” colours and mineral inks for use on wood.

Other eye-catching exhibits include innovative automation devices such as a motorized, remote-controlled opening and closing system for large format blinds, solutions for assembling furniture in record time, cantilever shelving that is ideal for small premises, invisible wardrobe runners and hidden hinges for flush doors.


Processes that are more efficient. Technology that is more connected

FIMMA’s exhibitors will be revealing more sustainable mechanized processes and technologies adapted to the new 4.0 generation industry requirements. The most notable of these are processes such as drying parquet varnish using LED, ultra-flexible systems for drilling, grinding and inserting fittings, mechanized systems for cutting board without CNC machines and systems for drilling horizontally by nesting.

All of the above comes in the form of innovative machinery on show at Feria Valencia including complete machining centres within five square metres, rotary air flotation tables for sawing units, multi-function tables and single circuit CNC vacuum consoles, advanced technical developments in lamination, coatings, varnishes, digital printing and portable sawmills for processing small tree trunks.

The fair will also be showcasing software and technological solutions including apps that give real time information on how machines and production lines are functioning, the most advanced CAD programmes and interconnected online suppliers, buyers and sellers.

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