An optimal space for business events

But it’s not just about general public events. Feria Valencia is also a forum chosen by numerous companies and institutions to carry out their business events. Thus, last March the site hosted the fourth edition of the PROFER business fair, a meeting between suppliers and distributor of the hardware, DIY and industrial supply sector, whose main objective was to promote commercial activity among its partners and approved suppliers of this purchasing center.

The fourth edition of this business fair brought together the more than 600 partners and associates that PROFER, Servicios Integrales has, as well as the 120 main suppliers in the hardware, DIY and industrial supply sectors, who had the opportunity to present their main news to associates. During the month of February Feria Valencia also hosted the FTTH Conference, the event is the most important worldwide dedicated to the fiber network, services and applications. This international event hosts seminars and debates among the main operators in the sector such as Orange, Vodafone or Telefónica; review of the fiber optic market panorama and the classification of Spain compared to Spain and the rest of the world; fiber for the 5G or the perspective of the investors in what facilitates the investment in fiber networks.

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