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Feria Valencia is starting to transform in to a magic forest full of fantastic creatures where everything is possible. There, in the deep dark forest, on a volcano’s top, Vareakai will take place from 14th to 17th January, the last show of Cirque du Soleil where 50 artists coming from 19 different countries participate in a fusion of drama and impossible acrobatics.

Level 3 Pavilion 3 of the Valencian fairgrounds have been chosen by the Canadian multinational for staging the new show. The pavilion’s dimensions and technical features with 22-metre high ceiling and a useful area of almost 12 000 square meters have enabled a complex and exacting assembly in only four days.

20 trucks of 20 tons have been necessary to install the 5 400 tiered seats. “The height, the area dimensions, the width of the goods’ doors as well as a good team work that we have found in Feria Valencia in all senses, from the accesses to the storage areas” are the most valued advantages by the contracting company.

Feria Valencia is the only area in the city where so many tiered seats can be mounted. Not in vain, in his last three stops in Valencia, the Cirque du Soleil has chosen the fairgrounds to the delight of the Valencian public with their large productions, which are related to international level; in fact, Varekai has already been 72 cities and fascinated more than 8 million people around the world.

With this show, Feria Valencia opens the full calendar of events that are scheduled for 2016.  The exhibition centre is working hard in order to overcome the results of the previous year, when the business of events – including conferences, galas, presentations, concerts and shootings, among others – already grew more than 30% in comparison to the previous year. The venue is gaining prestige and share in this area thanks mainly to its facilities, spacious and versatile, and the know-how and dedication to service of the team.

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