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Hours before the fifth edition of BioCultura Valencia some data were revealed on the production and consumption of organic products in our country, that shows a  record growth estimated of 20% in some regions, demonstrating the high value of adaptation and the enormous dynamism of the “bio” world.

The organic sector is in a special total revolution in the area of the Turia River. On the one hand, in the Valencian Region more and more large spaces dedicated to organic food sales are opening.  On the other hand, the fifth edition of BioCultura Valencia has been an amazing and striking success.

More than 20,000 attendees, all the exhibition space sold, activities to overflow rooms. The organic universe is an oasis in the current Spanish economic world, which, despite the Government’s promises, is not out of the tunnel.

This weekend Feria Valencia has been a a melting pot of people, entrepreneurs, companies and the curious who want to bet strongly for a new economy, the common sense economy, a responsible and conscious economy.

More than 200 exhibitors have shown more than 15,000 references of ecological food, hygiene products and cosmetics with certified ingredients, organic textiles, eco-materials, renewable energy therapies for health, saving and recycling, environment, toys, crafts, music and books BioCultura is much more than a usual trade show. The success of each edition remains not only in the wide range of exhibited products but also in the services that took place in the numerous booths,  such as gastronomic tastings, eco-aesthetic sessions and health therapies.

In this edition, there have been more than 150 activities of all kinds, between lectures, symposia, presentations even children have had their children’s ecological fair, where they have been able to enjoy a funny program, with games, storytelling, urban gardens and make-up sessions, cooking recipies… In many, the capacity of the room was outnumbered by interested visitors.

The Organization regrets that, in some cases, visitors were not able to attend the activity.

In addition, all yoga professional conferences and meetings had an equal participation success. Valencia is breathing the begining of its well-known Fallas, and therefore Biocultura has joined the city of the Turia River with a varied style of life offer and a different consumption, in which the common sense prevails, the health of human beings and their environment, produce, consume and live otherwise. Once more, Biocultura has demonstrated its convening power, because, in the words of the Director of the fair,Angeles Parra, “are increasingly people are waking up. If policy makers don’t act, there are citizens who will take the reins of the matter, in a peaceful way, adopting habits of consumption in food, health, education, hygiene, construction which are the real revolution”.

BioCultura, as one participant of the talks commented, is “a social necessity” because it is capable of bringing together proposals to change the course of our society towards a cleaner, healthier world, more secure, more just and more subtle.

“This 5th Edition has been the best show that BioCultura is an effective platform for the organic sector professionals access which is their potential audience. We are talking about creative entrepreneurs, very awake, who put the heart in all they do. They are a lesson in ‘savoir faire’ for those politicians and conventional businessmen who only know how to complain about the situation to continue living at the expense of the public waste. “It is a shame that public money continues to be invested in damaged economic sectors, in hands of multinationals and, many times with foreign capital, instead of helping the emerging sectors that are the vanguard of an economy that has a future and has clean, dignity, and social and environmental sustainability”.

Desde la Asociación Vida Sana trabajamos en este sentido para transmitirle al público que “nuestro consumo es un voto y debemos sumarnos al gran cambio” afirma Ángeles Parra.

The Vida SanaAssociation are working in this sense to convey with the public that “our consumption is a vote and we must join the great change” says Angels Parra.

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