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BioCultura Valencia arrives, for fifth year in the row to the city of Valencia, with the purpose of renovating the holistic view the of society to learn to eat better, to heal, to educate our children, to live in harmony, to “bioconstruct”. 3 days of exhibition and more than 150 activities at Feria Valencia, from 7th to 9th of March. There are other ways to consume, produce, live and sense and they are present in BioCultura.

Angeles Parra, Director of BioCultura, has recently said that “today, more than ever, the proposed holistic reform of our society is very necessary. It not daunted us the widespread situation of crisis, corruption and cuts. No. Today, as we say, more than ever Biocultura is more than necesarry, an exhibition capable of bringing together proposals to change the course of our society towards a cleaner , healthier, safer world in a more and more subtle way”. This abstract idea will be a blunt reality from 7th to 9th March at Feria Valencia. They will be 200 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors are expected.


Parra continues: “Biocultura is not a  traditional exhibition.BioCultura receives revolutionary proposals in food, health, construction, energy, society, education, etc. Business proposed in BioCultura is the very quintessence of the eco2nomy of the common goods. Doing business, Yes, but in a lawful way that behave as a good factor for society and for the environment. BioCultura exhibitors are engines of change: creative ideas, honest behavior, common interest… The crisis is a good opportunity for change… The exhibition corridors are are a proper University open to anyone who wants to start to comprehend life from another prisma. And, as if this is not enough, more than 150 activities brings us together with other ways to produce, consume, think, feel, educate, heal, live, love… This is not just hot air. This is the real transition that the planet is experiencing.

As strong as the industrial revolution times were. The world is exhausted and it is time to re-invent onself in order not to repeat the same mistakes… “.”


BioCultura Valencia continues to grow as the sector itself in the Mediterranean area and throughout the rest of Spain: in recent weeks, very good news are being constantly received about the bio world in general and, more specifically, in the Valencia area. Two great centres dedicated exclusively to the organic sector have been opened in the last days in Valencia: Mandala Fresh and SuperSano.Then all studies proove that bio consumption does grow despite the crisis. Spenditure on food and green drinks in Spain was 998 million euros during 2012, which represents 33 million more and an increase of 3.4 from 2011 and a disbursement of 20.9 billion euros apiece, as recorded in the report “the characterization of the sector of Spanish organic production: value, volume, market and evaluation of the impact of e-commerce in 2012” that analyzes the latest data available. Other reports confirm the same trend. Also grows the area dedicated to ecological agricultural and livestock activities, organic markets are multiplied, a growing number of operators…In this framework, Angeles Parra, adds that our exhibition aims to increase the domestic consumption of organic products. In Madrid, we will celebrate during 2014 thirty editions.

Se dice rápido, pero ha sido mucho trabajo, muchas luchas… Pero se ven los frutos. Y en Valencia también. Ahora mismo, la ciudad dispone de una gran oferta de alimentos ecológicos y crece también la demanda. Esto es bueno en muchísimos aspectos: medioambientales, de salud pública, de reparto de riqueza, de creación de empleo. Cada vez son más las personas que saben que la democracia se construye cada día, empezando por la cesta de la compra y los fogones, y no en las urnas cada cuatro años”. Y añade: “BioCultura Valencia es ya una cita imprescindible en el área de Levante y en todo el Mediterráneo. Nuestra feria es una explosión de alegría en un mundo caracterizado por la depresión y la oscuridad. BioCultura es ilusión, esperanza y reivindicación, pero siempre con una sonrisa y con consciencia”.

It is easy to say, but it has been busy and with many struggles… But the fruits are seen. And also in Valencia. Right now, the city has a wide range of organic food and also demand grows. This is good in many aspects: environmental, public health, distribution of wealth, of job creation. More and more, people who know that democracy is built every day, starting by the shopping cart and the kitchen, and not at the polls every four years. And: BioCultura Valencia is already an essential appointment in the Mediterranean area. Our exhibition is an explosion of joy in a world characterized by depression and darkness. BioCultura is enthusiasm, hope and reivindication, but always with a smile and with consciousness.

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