Over 200 school students, distributed in 22 teams coming from 21 schools of the Valencian Region and Cuenca have participated in the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE robotics and science contest that took place in Feria Valencia Convention & Exhibition Centre the 24th of February. The constest was won by teams from Lledó School of Castellón and La Purisima Franciscanas School from Valencia.

The team represent International Lledó School of Castellón has won the first prize GMW  and La Purisima Franciscanas Schools has received the prize in second place handed by Rosa Visiedo, President of the  CEU Cardenal Herrera University. Both teams will be able to participate in the Great Spanish FLL Final scheduled for the 16th and 17th of Marcn in Tarragona. Valencia’s tournament hast two finalists in the National contest due to the fact that there were 22 teams participating.

The Purísima Franciscanas Tean was the overall winner in the first Valencian edition and therefore will have the opportunity to participate once again in the national final.

In this year’s challenge, SENIOR SOLUTIONS 2013, the 22 teams form the Valencian Region and Cuenca have dealt with two tests: the design and construction of programmable robots to surpass several missions and the making-off of an investigation project to improve senior’s population quality of life. Different domotic solutions, drug dispensers, training programmes and evena a social network for seniors have been some of the investigation projects proposed by the young participants.

Together with the overall winners, there have been different awards, focused on different aspects of the challenge as the Award for the Professional Courtesy, the Innovative Solution Award or the Coach Award, among others.

Teams coming from 22 schools in Valencia (IES San Vicente Ferrer, Santísima Trinidad School, Mas Camarena, CEU San Pablo, Palma School, La Pureza de María, La Purísima Franciscanas, American School, Domus, Julio Verne, El Vedat y Escolapias), in Castellón (IES Betxí, IES Torre del Rey, Lledó International School e IES Sierra de Espadán), in Alicante (Newton College, Diocesano Santo Domingo, San Agustín School, y San Roque School) and Cuenca (2 Teams IES Jorque Manrique from Motilla del Palancar).

23 tournaments will be organised nationalwise, including the one celebrated in Valencia, where 401 teams will participate with 4000 school students with ages between 10 and 16 years old .

FIRST ® LEGO ® League is an international program that invites young people to get excited and having fun with science and technology. The tournaments with format of sporting event are targeted for 10 – 16 year old students , guided by a coach,  in which they must meet a challenge through research projects and programming of robots designed from Lego pieces.

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