The Second Edition of Growmed consolidated by the obliged visit of industry professionals

  • Great satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors who participated in Growmed 2013

More than 15,000 visitors attended GrowMed 2013, Medicinal Cannabis Show which was held from the 19th to 21st of April in the International Trade Fair of Valencia. In just two editions GrowMed has been consolidated as one of the most important exhibition demonstrations of its sector, due to the exhibitor’s offer as well as the attendance of professionals and attendees who came to learn about the new products.

Over 130 exhibitors participated in this edition, which is 30% more than in the first edition and 10% more in the exhibition area. Own firms have expressed their great satisfaction with the results of this edition that located GrowMed as one of the references in the circuit of European fairs, especially in the field of cannabis for therapeutic use.

One of the nuclei of the fair were the workshops celebrated in the Medical Arena. Coordinated by Dr. Javier Pedraza who presented the study BESFES (Best Specimen For Each Symptom), counted with the participation of other doctors such as Fernando Caudevilla who presented the campaign Use Responsibly, Guillermo Velasco who presented a study on cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer, which addressed the use of cannabis in Alzheimer’s, Mariano García Palau explaining the functioning of the endocannabinoid system.Paul HorbyJosé Marrollo who spoke about the international situation facing the medicinal use of the plant.

Jorge Cervantes was one of the great attractions of the of the GrowMed Medical Arena with his contributions on the cultivation for patients and the self-cultivation of complete gourmet experience. It also offered a presentation on medicinal crop in California.

The extensive programme of conferences also included contributions by Josep Pamies, of the Association Sweet Revolution, which delved into the cultivation of Stevia and other medicinal plants; the seminar on medicinal David Ripper extractions and the Conference offered by the lawyers Hector Brotons and Joan Bertomeu which threw light on aspects and legal news for clubs, growers and users of cannabis.

European Products Awards

The EPA 2013, European Products Awards,  which recognize each year the best cannabis consumption products, were failed in Growmed. And it is the public who decides the winners after a first pre-selection by a jury of experts. The best European product was The Neutralizer, an effective odor neutralizer. The best Spanish product was  Cría Siete Puntos of Cheeba Trading a singular House to breed ladybugs that terminates with aphid pests. The best Dutch product was for smoking filters FilTip. The best  UK product was The Neutralizer. The best German and Swis product was for Growsystem 1.2 Aeroponic system. The best French product was for a substrate Sure  to Grow. The best Italian product was for filters Filter It made in ceramic. And the best product in the Czech Republic was for the spray Discreetvape Puffit.

Los visitantes de la feria pudieron conocer de primera mano todos los productos seleccionados para competir en los EPA y pudieron votarlos. Expuestos en el centro de la feria rodeando la zona chill out, donde Victor Santana, Dj oficial del evento, puso la nota musical durante toda la feria.

Growmed Trophies

Growmed recognized the best stands of this edition. The first prize went to Yervagüena for staging a Formula 1 racingcar for visitors enjoyment. The second prize went to the spectacular Advanced Nutriens 120 square metres  stand with two floors for VIP area, as well as all kinds of attractions for the attendees, Roulette, dancers and performances. In the third prize there was tie for the Canna Foundation with a striking stand in the form of laboratory and Soilles with a large two-storey stand decorated with surprising ballasts submerged in fish tanks.

The exhibition also gave different trophies in recognition of the best medical information awarded to Pure Seeds; the prize for the funniest stand that was shared by two exhibitors Advanced Nutriens and Yervagüena; the award to more responsible team which went to the Canna Foundation and the trophy for best communication for Advanced Nutriens campaign. SoftSecrets magazine delivered his two most important awards of the year. On the one hand, the Girl Award of the year 2013 to the most famous variety to the Skunk # 1 from Sensi Seeds and, in the other hand,  Cannabis Man of the Year for Luc y Matej, as well as the staff of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

Growmed Experience

In addition to the trade show and the medical part, Growmed was an experience to enjoy. On the outdoor terrace with a great view of the city of Valencia, there was food of different nationalities and great musical proposals like the djs of the Rototom festival, the most important European reggae meeting and performances on stage Urban or branch of emerging bands Grandma R, the Caravan and THM.

There was also an urban sport for flatland lovers – acrobatic form of the cycling-longboard – modality of skateboarding, lowrider – customization of bicycle-, breakdance and a spectacular mural made throughout the three days of the fair by the graphic artist Mike Castello. Without a doubt, the fair was a success and an experience that both exhibitors and visitors will never forget.

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