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Friday June 20th, 2014

Jehova's Witnesses Next Friday morning 27th of June, the three-day Assembly of the Jehova’s Witnesses will begin in FERIA VALENCIA. They are distributing an invitation to the Assembly to everybody, which will focus on the words of Jesus: “Follow, therefore, seeking first the Kingdom”.

The program will also expose how this two-thousand-year old Council can be useful today to reduce, inter alia, personal anxiety. A special moment of the Assembly will be on Sunday afternoon with the closing session: ”never be alarm’, still seeking first the Kingdom of God’.

 The Jehov’as Witnesses invite people of all ages to attend the Assembly to “Continue seeking first the Kingdom of God”. The Assembly will start the three days at 10:50 in the morning. Admission is free, because these meetings of witnesses are covered entirely by voluntary contributions.

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