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Carina’s challenge as head of the Events Department of Feria Valencia is, on the one hand, to continue to work on consolidating the image, prestige, and reputation of Feria Valencia’s Convention and Exhibition Centre and, on the other, to further develop business strategies, seeking to access new markets in order to increase the number of events, especially those of international stature.

The Institution has been firmly committed to the events line of business since 2006. The versatility of the Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the team of professionals that make up the new structure of the department, possess the ideal attributes to grow a strong conference and events business.

Another strategy is to build synergies. One initiative already undertaken by the Events Department is to join forces, through close collaboration, with the Turismo Valencia Convention Bureau. In this respect, Montagut says “any convention and exhibition centre is going to be linked to the city, and that’s why we offer the venue, and also a destination city as welcoming as Valencia”.

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